GHR1000 Success Stories

Below are just a few of the actual success stories we have received. Over the past 13 years, we have helped over 125,000 men and women worldwide lead happier, healthier lives. Try GHR1000 and see what it can do for you.

(Note: Some details in this testimonial have been removed or hidden to protect the identity of the writer who wishes to remain anonymous)
My name is xxxxxx xxxxxxxx and I have been a customer of yours for quite some time now. A friend of mine introduced me to GHR 1000 and Z-TROPIN a long time ago , and ever since I totally believe it has changed my life. I was a professional baseball player for 27 yrs and played in the Major leagues for 24 yrs. Though I retired in xxxx I was able to maintain my conditioning until finally 5 years ago my knees caught up with me and I was no longer able to run the miles to took to make me feel good. Slowly I was losing that energy level that made me feel like I was 40 yrs younger. I had to find something and I did --GHR 1000 and Z-Tropin - has returned me to the level I used to be. Sun up to sun down you cant slow me down and I feel great again.
I just wanted to take the time to tell you how great I feel and how impressed I am with the effeciency of your company. I have recently made another order of 5 bottles and although I changed the address at the last moment you sent me the product in 2 days to the right place -- nobody else could have ever been that prompt . Thanks again --"
xxxxxx xxxxxxxx

"I took GHR1000 about three years ago for the first time and it was Great!! I bought 3 bottles and I started to feel stronger, less tired, and had more sexual drive. After finishing the product, I kept thinking about getting more and actually waited a couple of years before doing so. During that time I tried 2 other brands because they were a little cheaper but promised the same kind of results. What a joke!! They did absolutely nothing for me! So I decided to try Ghr1000 again. Now, that I've taken your product again, I feel great just like before so I just had to let you know that your product does indeed work wonders and is certainly unique. So thanks for making a product that actually does what it claims!!"
Gerard L.

"This is AMAZING!
I have to say first that your mailing of GHR1000 was secure and lightning fast! Excellent customer service, with all of my questions answered quickly as well. After only 1 week on GHR1000 I have noticed tremendous results, from tone, to size and especially recovery from my work-outs! It is amazing to go to bed and wake up with more definition and tone than before going to sleep! My personal trainer also advised that GHR1000 was an excellent supplement and was very happy with my increase in strength. I would recommend this product to anyone who is working hard in the gym, it works!!! I can't wait to see what happens after an extended period of time on GHR1000, I could only imagine... Thank you!"
Allan (AJ)

"I would like to tell you how I got on with 'GHR1000'... Initially, when I started taking the product, I felt a sort of heat-sensation which was a little strange but obviously a sign the product was getting to work! Within a couple of days I was overwhelmed with how good I felt,my mood was lifted and I simply felt happy and great! The heating-up sensation, which only lasted seconds at a time, stopped after about a week,max. I noticed my skin looked great,and all of a sudden, friends were complimenting me,saying how good I looked.I took 'GHR1000' for 7months until very recently when I stopped,simply because I ran out. The best part of 'running out', was that it showed me just how much I missed this product! I am an active person. I train 4-5 days a week,work as a 'personal-trainer', and have two young children. The most obvious sign of not taking this product has been how much my joints hurt from training i.e,running. Obviously running puts a great strain on the body and obviously 'GHR1000' was doing a great job of repairing during sleep! Whilst on 'GHR1000', I completely forgot how awful my knee-joints 'used' to feel after a run,now I can remember and this on its own is so worth investing in a lifelong prescription of 'GHR1000'! Although I still feel quite good and positive(considering the financial climate we're facing!) I have noticed a little weight gain,a little bit less self confidence,and a whole lot of joint pain.I have recently turned 36yrs and I must say,felt as though I was in my 20's whilst on 'GHR1000'. I think,or rather, I know I will be placing another large order as soon as I've finished writing to you! Personally, I think 'GHR1000' is a great product and I would definately recommend it to friends. Having that,'feel-good' feeling is priceless on its own,especially in this climate,so I am looking forward to getting back on the product as soon as pos! (Incidently,you cannot fault the 'shipping-out' of this product, I live in the UK and the last two orders arrived within 10days,amazing!-well done GHR1000) Anyway,a BIG thankyou to your company for putting me on to this product and doing all your research. It is greatly appreciated.
Warm regards,"

"I have been using GHR1000 for two weeks now and I already notice a difference in my recovery time during my weight training sessions. I used to add weight every three sessions. Now with the help of GHR1000 I add weight every two sessions! I am building muscle 33% faster! "

"I been taking this for a couple months and I'm sleeping better, have a lot more energy and best of all I have more toned and defined muscles then I have ever had before. I'm 100% going to order another few months worth once my current supply runs out. You get an A+ in my book."
Sarah M.

"I'm 19 years old and I've been using GHR 1000 for 3 wks so far because I wanted a good natural non-steroid product to boost my workouts and improve my speed and endurance in wrestling. This has done the trick. I know it's working because I've never had such dramatic improvements so quickly before. My coach has even taken notice and commented on how much faster I am. My body doesn't tire out like it did before. I've done nothing else different so I know its the GHR 1000. I really believe that if I keep using GHR 1000 I can take my entire weight class and go to nationals. It's really an unbelievable product. I would tell me teammates but I don't want the added competition."

"Regarding your product...I've been taking this product for over a year and feel and look great so thank you. Now, my wife who's 36 is a cancer survivor !! Since this product helps with cell regeneration, will it be harmful for her to take these pills? I would love for her to take the product since its worked so well for me. Please let me know. Thanks!"

"is this supposed to make you taller? because after noticing my pants were shorter i measured myself and i'm an inch taller than i was 2 months ago and theres no other possible explanation other than using your product. how is that possible for a 28 year old? i'm not complaining believe me since i was 5'7 before. i'm really curious to hear what you have to say and if you can confirm its ghr1000 to thank i will be a lifelong customer!!!!!!!!!"

"I have orderd this product before and it works great. Would Love to Have more However I'm on new meds now. I really want more but would love for someone to call me so I can find out weather i can take this great stuff again!!!"
Sara R.

"I tried Ghr 1000 for 1 month and it was great. It Worked so good that i ordered a year supply of it, Z-tropin and testosterone-Rx and there all sold buy the same company (as well as a few other products). I'll Update up later."
Matt T.

"I've been taking it for about 6 months and I feel and look awesome. I'm 39 and no one believes it!"

"Dear John, Wow..!! amazing customer service thank you so much for getting back to me as quick as you did, if your product is half as good as your service ill be back for more thats for sure.. Thank you once again,"
William R.

"Thank you Dave. I have another question. I didn't take GHR1000 for weight loss, but I am losing weight (yay!). Will the weight loss stabilize at some point so that I can keep on taking the product? I still need to lose several pounds. I took GHR 1000 for stamina reasons. I have had 5 major surgeries ultimately resulting in a bilateral mastectomy and a complete hysterectomy. I had no energy and whenever I would do something a little strenuous, I would get very sick. My doctors and all test results said that I was within "normal ranges," but I couldn't exercise the way I wanted to. I also had to limit activities (2 nights out a week, maximum). GHR 1000 seems to have solved the problem. I am going to give it another month before the acid test -taking a ballet class! I would love to go back to ballet, my preferred form of exercise. Thank you for your help."

"Hi Dave, I had ordered for the same product last month and since it has been extremely effective i did order a longer supply. You can send it to the same address appended : Thanks ,"

"Hi I've done a lot of research and some of the claims on other web sites are pure fiction! I do agree that the GHR1000 is the best of the pill form and I especially like that your web site doesn't make unbelievable claims like all the others. Your product works and it speaks for itself so anyone reading this should try it! Have a great and Blessed day."

"Hi. I've been using this for 1 week and already i gained like 2cm..... that's proof this is works. I'm very happy with this. TnX"
Antonio K.

"I've been taking GHR1000 for 4 weeks now. My sleeping patterns have changed for the better. My energy levels are so much higher and constant throughout the day. I am taking this essentially to build more muscle throughout my body. I have gained about 5 pounds of muscle so far. My lifts are 20 to 30 pounds more each week then the previous week. The recovery time is phenomenal. These are the miracle pills."
Thank you,
Danny M.

"I just want to say thank you for the amazing product. I bought 3 bottles and the shipping was really fast. This product works great for me, as I lift weights and play a lot of sports. Helps with recovery, building muscle and with losing weight. Thanks again and will be ordering more when I run out!!!"
Eric S. NH, US

"First of all i wanted to say that im seeing great results at the age of 22 with your product and have only been using it for 9 days. I just wanted to ask what the results would be if i took 3 pills in addition to the recommended 3 pills at night??"

"The success is actually for my mother! She will be 57 this June and has struggled with her weight for as long as I can remember! She began one of those National weight loss programs last fall and really was doing well and then all of the sudden I noticed she wasn't being as strict with the diet but was still losing weight and looking better...I wasn't really paying attention when she was telling me of this pill she was taking for 'keeping her hair from turning gray', not thinking the two had anything in common! I'm not exactly how many months she has been taking it but I am sure she does little to no exercise, eats pretty much what she wants, has had a lifetime of weight problems, and will be 57 years old next month... AND LOOKS awesome! Skin, hair,weight, muscle tone..... everything! I ordered my first bottle yesterday...obviously!"
Candy P. - Prineville, Oregon

"Hi I have been taking Ghr1000 for 5 months now and I have noticed increased energy as well as my muscles recovering quicker from work outs which is great. Thanks a bunch!"
Sincerly Hayden M.

"I tried the IGF1-RX and love it, how can I order more?"
Mike M.

"I've been using GHR1000 for one month and already I'm sleeping better than I have in ages and I've lost at least 8 pounds. Not only that, I'm feeling happier and more energetic than I ever remember..."
Richard K. - Ontario, Canada


"Oh and by the way I should tell you that I love this product! I used it last year and without any excercise at all and no change in my diet I lost 30 pounds in 3 months! Friends and family are still impressed when they see me today! I plan to use this order to help tone my body while working out and eating healthier. Thanks again,"

"First off its been about three weeks and I'm starting to see and feel the effects. I feel great. Thanks a lot. I've used other products that did nothing so it makes me feel good to use something that actually works. GHr1000 is the best. Thanks for your time."

"Hi, I’ve just ordered another 3 months supply, why? Because GHR 1000 is currently the best thing on the market, simple. Don’t be fooled by other products and gimmicks. My recovery time at the gym after a hard work out has come down to 5 minutes. In some cases I could go back for more. My energy levels have increased 100% (honestly) I could talk about GHR1000 for some time, but the best advice I can give you, is to try some TODAY!! You have nothing to lose but so much to gain. Thanks for a great product. Any overseas buyers, don’t worry, their customer service is excellent as is their postal service."
Kind Regards
Barry (Australia)

"Hi there. I ordered a bottle of your product and I must admit that I haven't slept this good in years."
Edy L.

"hi i have been taking ghr for nearly 2 weeks now. the good news is my psoriasis skin complaint seems to be clearing up, but i have only lost 3 pounds so far. i definitely feel stronger already so maybe some of that weight could be muscle? i am 6 ft 7 in tall and 15 stone. should i take more than the average?. anyway i am very happy overall with the results and i have a lot more energy than before. i really know that this is working for me but just wonder if i should take more because of my size. cheers"
matt - uk

"Your product is absolutely incredible! My energy levels are through the roof since I've been using GHR1000. I haven't done anything else different so I know it's the GHR1000 working. I'll be placing my re-order soon. Thank you!"
Carol L. - PA, USA

"Thank you for the new lease on life! I am a 77 year old man, 6'2", a bit overweight, take vitamins, do not smoke or drink, and am in very good health. I have greatly benefited by this product so far. I have more energy than I have in years, I'm stronger and I look better. I could even swear that some of my wrinkles are disappearing. I would like to buy stock in your company, seriously."
Miles M.

"Hi Dan, Thank you for the prompt responce, I have a 90 day supply of GHR1000 and have been taking it since Jan. 5th so far I am impressed with the results. Already I noticed an increase in my energy level, I'm excited about taking your product and am looking forward to loosing some weight and gaining some strength and I believe that will follow. One other thing I noticed it seems like my complexion has a healthier look, is that possible? If the benefits of taking GHR1000 continue, I'll be taking it for life." Thank you,

"Hi,I'm a very satisfied customer of yours! Just wandering how long I can take both GHR1000 and Z-tropin for, and then for how long a break before I can start again?? Thanking you in anticipation,"

"When i first ordered the product I was skeptical so I only bought one bottle. It has only been 2 weeks but the results are already very noticeable by both me and my wife. I'm looking better, feeling better and my cholesterol and blood pressure have dropped significantly. I just sent you a money order for a 4 month supply. I can't wait to receive the order. I will keep you posted on my continued progress. Thank you for this great product!"
Bill V. - FL, USA

"hi, have been taking ghr 1000 for just under a week and have noticed an amazing difference in my energy levels and stamina, endurance!"
Name Withheld

"I would like to tell you how I got on with 'GHR1000'... Initially, when I started taking the product, I felt a sort of heat-sensation through my chest area which was a little strange but obviously a sign the product was getting to work! Within a couple of days I was overwhelmed with how good I felt,my mood was lifted and I simply felt happy and great! The heating-up sensation, which only lasted seconds at a time, stopped after about a week, max. I noticed my skin looked great,and all of a sudden, friends were complimenting me,saying how good I looked. I took 'GHR1000' for 7 months until very recently when I stopped, simply because I ran out. The best part of 'running out', was that it showed me just how much I missed this product! I am an active person. I train 4-5 days a week,work as a 'personal-trainer', and have two young children. The most obvious sign of not taking this product has been how much my joints hurt from training i.e,running. Obviously running puts a great strain on the body and obviously 'GHR1000' was doing a great job of repairing during sleep! Whilst on 'GHR1000', I completely forgot how awful my knee-joints 'used' to feel after a run, now I can remember and this on its own is so worth investing in a lifelong prescription of 'GHR1000'! Although I still feel quite good and positive (considering the financial climate we're facing!) I have noticed a little weight gain, a little bit less self confidence, and a whole lot of joint pain. I have recently turned 36yrs and I must say, felt as though I was in my 20's whilst on 'GHR1000'. I think, or rather, I know I will be placing another large order as soon as I've finished writing to you! Personally, I think 'GHR1000' is a great product and I would definately recommend it to friends. Having that,'feel-good' feeling is priceless on its own,especially in this climate,so I am looking forward to getting back on the product as soon as pos! (Incidently, you cannot fault the 'shipping-out' of this product, I live in the UK and the last two orders arrived within 10 days,amazing! - well done GHR1000). Anyway,a BIG thankyou to you for making a great product that actually works. It is greatly appreciated. Warm regards,"

"I started taking GHR 1000 a month ago and feel great, I feel better and am sleeping better already."
Lisa C.

"hello, So far I have ordered 4 bottles of ghr1000, Very happy with the results! I need to know if it is ok to have a few beers on the weekend while taking ghr1000? Please get back asap. thanks,"

"Ater only 6 weeks of taking GHR1000 I feel more alive. My muscle tone has significantly improved without any increase in my usual moderate exercise program. Everyday at work I get compliments on how great I am looking. Send me more!"
Loretta - NY, USA

"i tried GHR 1000 for a month..... It Was Great, I felt like Rambo. Anyways I was wondering can it be safely used with IGF1-RX and Z-tropin?"

"Hi I just wanted to tell you about an additional benefit we have found about your product. My boyfriend began taking it a few months. He has very bad night terrors and would often be woken up during the night with them, and would wake me up as well. Since he has began using your product he no longer has these night terrors. If he misses taken GHR1000 for a night he will have an night terror so I am sure it is the product that is fixing the problem. So thanks"
Judy M.

"Dear Austin Research,
I want to thank you for the opportunity to help promote a product that will literally change peoples lives. Your product has been praised as one of the best and your company, Austin Research, has received wonderful reviews about the quality of service that you provide. Which is why I'm glad to know that you'll be able to provide a solution that would best fit this situation."
J Naran

"I've been using your product just under a month. Now my sleep pattern is great and I have started noticeable weight loss which is very exciting. Will keep you posted"

"My family has been taking your GHR1000 product for some time now. Your product produces amazing results for my family. We are very impressive about it. My father feels more energizing, my skin is smoother, and my mother in law is more capable of dealing with her emotion. (I have ordered your product under my hotmail account : ). As we have just order another set of your product, we are interested in becoming your official distributor in Thailand ..."

"I can't believe this stuff actually works! I thought it was a bunch of hype but figured I'd give it a try anyway since you have a money back guarantee. I won't be returning it though instead I plan to get more. Great product!"
Neil F. - Sheffield, UK

"Just thought I would drop you a line about GHR1000. My wife read an article about it before we purchased and have now been on it for 3 months. I have always trained very hard my whole life I am now 42. I used to row at a race weight of 92 kgs but since giving racing away as a competitor 10 years ago my weight went up to 100kgs. Kept training but didn’t really lose weight. Since starting on the GHR1000 I am down to 94kgs, I still train and my recovery has improved . I train at a heart rate of 170 /180 at times and my sleep is better than it has been in years. As for my wife she has always been a runner . However since we started on the tablets has lost a bit of motivation . Not sure why just life with 2 kids etc. However she has taken the GHR 1000 each night without fail . Her weight has not increased and she still looks great at 40 . She has begun to run again this week but I believe the GHR1000 is the key to keeping her weight down. Not sure if you would agree??? But normally if she has time off she would weight gain and that has not happened . I really do believe it has helped me and my wife."
Allan G.

"I have been taking GHR1000 for one month now (I ordered 5 bottles).. 3 tablets before bedtime (per the instructions on the bottle)and have noticed quite an increase in my energy. I'm 64 and in excellent health (I take a variety of supplements) and am extremely pleased with how I feel and I know it's thanks to your product."

"I'm 67 years old with high blood pressure and arthritis. I try to stay active but it is hard. My wife bought me your product and snuck it in with my other medicines. After I started telling her how good I felt she then told me that I was taking your product. I probably wouldn't have tried your product otherwise because I am skeptical about such things, but I must admit that your product truly does work. I have noticed everything from more energy and weight loss to an increased interest in sex. I just came from the doctor and my blood pressure was the best it has been in over 2 years..."
James E. - HI, USA

"hi there have been taking your ghr1000 now for two months i can not believe how much better my health has been, i;ve suffered from fibromyalgia, constant fatigue and hypogylcimia for 20 years, although i still have some way to go, this is the only product that i;ve tried that has some immediate relief, my muscle and joint pain has really diminished, its unbeleiable also my hypogylcemia, is under better control, its a pity that the diff between the usa dollar and the australian has increased making the product dearer to buy."
paul t. - australia

"You make a lot of claims about your product but you're not lying. I didn't think it was possible for one pill to do so much but you have proved my wrong. Can I sell your product in my country?"
Erik - Queensland, Australia

"Believe it or not, GHR1000 is the most effective weight loss product I've ever used! For the past 3 years I've gone from one diet product to the next. but they all ended up not working in some way or another. Some made me sick and the few that did work I ended up gaining back all the weight soon after. A friend of mine mentioned HGH to me and so I went to the internet to learn more about it. I came across your site and I was impressed with the information, so I decided to order. I'm so happy that I did because I have never experienced results like I have with GHR1000! I've been using your product for 3 weeks and have already lost 6 pounds, plus I feel more energetic than ever. I can't believe that more people don't know about this - you should sell it on tv!!! Thank you!"
Anne D. - TX, USA

"I tried the thirty day trial bottle and I felt really good so I just recieved a six month supply along with the oral spray."

"I have a question regarding your GHR1000. I've heard a lot of good things about your product. Right now I'm using a product that's a little less expensive but a friend raves about GHR1000 and I was considering switching over. My friend likes yours so much I thought I might give it a try."
Tim N.

"I started this GHR1000 Dec. 29, 2004, I order a 6 months supply. I noticed that my hair is getting thicker. I'm almost bald at the top, not only that, my eyebrow is now getting thicker. My niece and my brother thought I was using my wife's eyebrow. Well, I have to continue this product and hopefully I can convince other to do the same."
Dino - San Diego, CA

"Taking ghr 1000 for one month .Sleep is much better and full of energy during day. I feel stronger and more confident in my appearance too so good deal"

"hi, thanks very much for your prompt delivery of my order, which i only placed last week! i am still amazed at how much extra energy i have since beginning your product 4 weeks ago. i now have an energy reserve which i haven't had for years! thanks so much! i am 46 yrs old and have been very sick with glandular fever and pneumonia which robbed all my vital energy. but now thanks to your product, i have again some reserve strength and energy i haven't felt since i was in my 30's. thanks once again."
Chrissie C. - Australia

"Amazing! my hair has been white for 12 years (dyed brown) I have noticed that since using GHR my new hair growth is coming through brown!! my hairdresser is fascinated but tells me... don't tell everyone or i will soon be out of business."

"I just started to take GHR1000 about 4 days ago. I seem to have more energy. I was quite impressed by which the speed that I received my order. I placed my order on Monday and I received it on Thursday. I will keep you informed on my progress."

"As I'm sure you already know, I've been using GHR1000 for over 1 1/2 years and so I figured it's finally time to tell you my story. First of all, I wanted to thank you for listening to your customers and offering a bigger package deal to make the cost per bottle even lower. I just ordered 12 bottles and I'll be trying your new spray Zytropin as well. I starting using GHR1000 at age 56 which was about a year after my heart attack. I'm a 3rd shift supervisor in a machine shop so I work odd hours. I don't get a lot of exercise and I'm under a lot of stress. My doctor told me that my weight and my stress were both factors leading to my heart disease so I wanted to find something that would help me with these things. I'd heard of hgh but didn't know much about it so I did some investigating and eventually came across your product after reading some very favorable reviews about it. I remember that I started feeling a lot more relaxed just 2 days after using GHR1000. Not just less stressed, but I felt like I had more energy too. I was able to sleep better after work which had always been hard for me since it's daylight when I'm going to bed and I'm usually keyed up from work. These things could have all been psychological meaning that I wanted the pills to work so I believed that they did. But I knew that wasn't the case after I started dropping weight and all without doing anything differently with my diet or exercise. That's when I was certain that GHR1000 was really working. Over the past 1 1/2 years, I've dropped 47 pounds and I have the energy of a man in his twenties. I have probably lost more fat than this since I feel stronger so my muscles have grown. My hairline stopped receding and speaking of my hair, it's even gotten a bit thicker which is great. Overall I can't say enough good things about GHR1000. I use it every day and I haven't even had so much as a cold or sniffle since I began using it. My body feels great and so does my mind. It honestly has changed my life and I feel like it will help me live longer and be happier. I will be a customer for life. Thank you."
Art E.

"hey you seem to have a lot of stories from older people but you should know that im 19 and ive been using ghr-1000 to help me bulk up and improve my performance for football. one of my teammates turned me on to hgh but i wont do the injections they scare the hell outta me. ive been seeing a big improvment in my strength- bench is up 30lb in a month and im kickin serous ass in practice. like a lot of people are saying it does give you that energy but more then that its getting me ripped and yet its natural which is awsome. if your an athlete or want to get bigger muscles take it from me this works."
Heath - Texas

"guys, im taking your product for bodybuilding/weights/resistance exercises cuz it's a blend for boosting growth hormone and im very pleased with the results, strength and energy I get. I get amazing stuff when i take 3 in the evening and 3 in the morning or before or after workout -basically 2x3 during a 24 hour period instead of 3 as you suggest. I want to ask you could that be harmful? maybe your recommendation is for average guys who dont do heavy weight training? thanx"

"I am school teacher in Miami Dade County (I teach science and Social Studies) and I am always telling my students about the importance of setting goals. I know your product works (as soon as I start taking the first dose, I see better sleeping patterns and wake up more refresh). I have decided to turn my experience into a science experiment. I have had blood drawn and have measured my waist line to have a base line. I will keep notes as the pounds are shed and lean muscle is increased. My goal by the way is to transform my body (at age 40) to look like the actors in the movie 300. I will be happy to write your company a testimonial with my findings including % of gains) after my six month (maybe I'll only need 3 months) to show just how effective GHR1000 really works."
Thank You
Robert R. - Florida

"I have been takeing GHR1000 for almost two months and I have definitely seen a change. Energy is a better and I have lost 8 pounds."

"I have been taking GHR1000 for 15 days I honestly do have more energy than before I started. How long do you need to be on GHR1000 before bigger changes take place, ie: looking younger, blood pressure going down, weight loss? How is GHR1000 affected if you have an alcoholic drink? Also my son is 22 and was in need of muscle recovery after having to take large doses of steriods last year due to life threatening allergic reactions he began to have. His doctor told him to get GHR1000. Both of us and his dad are all now on it and have noticed the change in energy levels. Looking forward to other, better changes. So far we're all very pleased with the results and feeling better."
Melissa B.

"Hello thanks for the ghr1000 its great"
Mark L.

"Awesome product! I'm 36 years old and now thanks to your product I am fit again! I purchased your product not only for its great health benifits but I am a frequent weight lifter and I have noticed nice gains in muscle mass since I have started the ghr1000 5 weeks ago and less body fat! This has been the first year in I don't know how long that I haven't caught the cold thats going around, My whole family has had it! I have slept along side my wife and kids both who had it bad, I couldn't get away from it, so I am definitly giving you the credit where the credit is due..... Maybe its just chance, who gets it and who don't but I do know what I have changed in my life style, it is exercise and ghr1000 with multivitam and omega 3 fish oil! If this combination keeps working and I feel like I do, Its a keeper. Again, Thanks."

"I use GHR 1000 and have nothing but good things to say. I baught 3 month supply and have lost 15 pounds of fat in 3 months also feel alot stronger and energitic. Im only 29 years old so im not really interested by the younger angle as most are. Im so convinced myself i have a female friend who has baught a years worth and she loves it to."

"i have benn taking hgh ghr1000 for about two months now and i can see the difference what if i take double de dossage will that make a little more diference? i purchased the ztropin just one bottl of spray and i notice more diference when i was taking both at the same time the pills and the spray but if i do double the dossage but in stead of ztropin the pills will that give me the same result?"
Miguel A.

"You should have me in your system as I am a happy repeat customer..."

"I just started using your product and I am completely impressed. I am inquiring to find if you have a wholesale opportunity for your product? I'd like to sell it and have many ideas for channels of distribution."
Tom S.

"Hi Dave - Thank you very much for your excellent product. I have been recommending GHR 1000 to friends."

"I'm on my third week of GHR1000 and I can't believe this stuff is working. I'm sleeping better and I have a lot of energy."
P. Christe - 43 years old

"Just wanted to tell you about results after about 6 months of using GHR1000. At the beginning I did not beleive about the good thins specified on your web. I have started to use GHR1000 6 months ago and results are amazing!!!! First, I had a reading glasses (I'm 45 yo) which I had to use daily, even in good light condition I had to use my glasses. Now, after using the GHR1000 for 6 months I do not need my glasses at all, even in low light conditions. Second, I feel much better having more energy. Third, I have lost some weight. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I will continue to be customer. Thanks"

"i srated taken ghr 1000 one month ago and i am very pleased with the result this far however i have a question, would it be ok to take a few ghr 1000 capsules in the morning aswell and would this have any extra benefits ? very satisfied customer"

"Hi I have been using your product for three months. Im 26 years old and have lost 3 stone of fat and noticted significant gains with my training. I have just order one years worth thorugh a friend and am happy to use and promote your product in the UK. You are an excellent company and i would like to extend my thanks as your product IS the best on the market"
James Price North Wales United Kingdom

"Dear Sirs~ I just wanted to give kudos about this product. I have struggled for a long time with my sleep habits and my energy level. I started using your product for almost a week, and have noticed a change in my energy. I can stay up later and not be as exhausted the next morning. I’m really excited my immediate results. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next couple of weeks!"
Mrs. S. Norwood - Fort Worth, Texas

"I have been taking your product for a couple of months now and i love it, i have been getting great results, i have been thinking about taking stealth testostorone injections with this product, what do you think.."

"Good day, Do you offer dropshipping option to someone like me who is setting up an online store? i can not buy in bulk, but would love to be a distributor through my store. I have been using your product for 3 weeks already and love it. I want to share the benefits by offering it on my website too. Please advise asap. Thank you."
Judith M.

"Really I can't believe what happening now. I am using only GhR1000 alone and within three weeks I have Great shape, brilliant performance along with massive improve in muscles size. Thanks,"
Bob - Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

"I am 59 years old and work in Iraq with a bunch of young guys. I just started using your product and I don't feel as sore the next day after workouts(cardio-weight exercise). Great product."

"Excellent product on it less then a week already feeling more energetic. Please tell me about your z-tropin spray."
Frank E.

"I am a 53 yr. old female who suffers with fibromyalgia on a daily basis. I have taken a ton of vitamins over the last 8 yrs. Even though I am better, my quality of life is not what I would like it to be. I take several medications daily in order to have a somewhat normal lifestyle. I took my first 3 pills of GHR1000 last night and could immediately tell a difference. I did not wake up one time during the night, and was able to get up with my 15 yr. old daughter this morning and see her off to school. I also noticed a desire to actually do something productive for once. Just being able to get out of the bed before 10:00AM was impressive. I cannot wait to see the results after 2 wks. If you have auto-immnue diseases, you should really check this out. I am now on my way to help my friend paint her daughters bedrooms. You will hear from me in about a week or so because I am very much into natural cures as opposed to prescriptions which always have huge side affects. Thanks."
Brenda B.

Customer Service Testimonials

"Dear Dan Peterson, Thank you so much for your immediate response to my email. If your product is anything like your Customer Service, then I am quite certain that I will be very happy with it."
Sharon S.

"I have received my package. I can't believe how fast the delivery was. Thank you very much. I can't wait to start taking GHR1000."
Martin D. - Taiwan

"Wow, I've heard great things about your customer service - but I never expected such a fast response to my question! Thank you and I'll be looking forward to providing some great testimonial on your product.
R. Ross

"Dave, I got the product today. Me and my squad were as happy as kids in a candy store. they should be ordering anyday now it only took 5 days to get here rather than the month wait it usually takes for any other mail thanks alot."
James F. - U.S. Military

"Hi, amazed at how quick the delivery has been from so far away! Have started the course, will advise on the benefits attained after one month. Regards..Peter."
Peter L.

"Hi, i'm so exited to hear from you. your customer support is fantastic, i really got the answers i wanted. keep up with the same good work, i'm looking forward to getting started. which i'll do very soon. take care!!!!!!!"
Mukula N.

"Dear John, Wow..!! amazing customer service thank you so much for getting back to me as quick as you did, if your product is half as good as your service ill be back for more thats for sure.. Thank you once again,"
William R.

"recieved it today in what was the fastest delivery of anything ive ever ordered online. Thanks so much and I hope it works out the way I'm intending it to and if it does you have a customer for life :D"
Paul S.

"Thanks, I just wanted to thank you for your quick response. I have tried to get responses from other websites this fast and i still haven't recieved anything. and that was two weeks ago. So thanks it means alot to have you on hand 24/7"
brandon b

"Dave, Thank you for your speedy response and how quickly the GHR 1000 was sent out. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and ARI. Everything was handled very quick and professionally. I would also like to thank you guys for shipping to APO's. There are alot of companies who will not and it really gets Soldiers morale down. Thanks again and I will definately be doing business with you guys again."
Colin C. - U.S. Armed Forces

"Thank you. I have received the items last week. This is far quicker than i expected. Yours,"

"I received my purchase today. Thank you very much for such an easy and expedient transaction. I have been having problems with internet transactions here lately and this one was no problem at all. Thanks again."

"Thank you very much for responding quickly. I recieved my bottle and thanks to your great customer service, i will continue to buy more."
Javier F.

"Thank you once again. Already I am more then happy with my purchase due to your excellent customer service. You all have been great and I look forward to recieving my products."
Brian L.

"Wow, looks like you put some time into returning my email. thank you for all that you have done. It was a great deal of help! I appreciate it! Thanks again!"

"Thank you so much. I am very impressed with your response times.I will recommend you to many people."
Steve L.

"Dear Mr. Dan, Thank you so much for such a fast and good service, I going to put the order now by online. I am very excited with the expected results of your product."
Best regards.
Vicente P. - Panama

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